Tuesday, January 31, 2012

120131 - Genesis 49-50 - Jacob's prophecy for his sons and call upon the name of the LORD

Tuesday SOAP: Inserted into Jacob's prophecies over his sons is his final cry to God, the first mention of the word "salvation," in which he actually calls out the name of Jesus in Hebrew.

(Why "SOAP?" See http://www.enewhope.org/firststeps/journaling)

S: I have waited for thy salvation, O LORD. (Ge 49:18).

O: Commentary notes vary on why this is inserted in Jacob's final word to his sons. One (Geneva) says it was a cry to God for his children, seeing how badly things would go for them. Another (Gill) relates it to Jacob's impending death, making it a personal cry to God.

A: I like this latter interpretation best, especially as David Guzik points out in his commentary that in the original Hebrew, the cry is literally "Yeshua" -- "I have waited for thy Yeshua, O LORD." In this way Israel stands for all faithful believers of the Old Testament - waiting for Jesus. What amazes me is that Jesus' name was literally on his lips! God is so awesome! As Peter said, "there is none other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved." (Acts 4:12)

P: Lord, Israel's life shows us the journey of faith. From usurping the birthright by deception to praising His redeemer and literally taking Jesus' name on his lips before his death. Thank you for this picture of your work to transform the life of such a worldly man into one who prevails for God.


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