Tuesday, June 07, 2005

The realities of MPD

Today, Cindy took Luke to the dermatologist (finally!) at Medical College of Georgia in Augusta, just across the Savannah River. He gave her several new ideas, new medicines, and an appointment with an allergist. He's been doing lots better, but Luke's pediatrician communicated with the dermatologist how bad he was last week! (Luke had a great time telling the Doctor about his lightsaber, shown in one of the photographs Cindy brought of his skin's condition last week.)

I had two appointments; one with a pastor of a small out-of-town fellowship, one with a couple here in town. When I returned home from the first appointment, I found the answering machine contained a message from the couple cancelling our evening meeting: they have "things to do around the house." This so illustrates the spiritual nature of this process. We need for the Lord to pave the way for us, to make the people we call spiritually ready before we call them. I'ts easy to imagine even highly spiritual individuals not being spiritually prepared for an unexpected call. Please pray God will lead us to prepared people, and that we'll be prepared people as we share the opportunity to be involved in God's work.

Because of the cancellation, I was able to make 20 calls tonight, but wasn't able to add another appointment to this week's schedule. Short-term missions trips, vacations, and baseball games compete for the personal time of the people we call.


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