Saturday, June 04, 2005

Just set up the blog

I've been planning to do this for some time! The blog is envisioned to be a more direct way of communicating what God is doing in our ministry. Several people have challenged us to journal what God has done so far, but we've only managed to do that sporadically. Hopefully this will be simple enough to contribute that it will become part of our day.

We've been challenged to complete our fundraising by September, and we have about 48% to go, so we are expecting God to do something amazing within the next few months. It would be unworthy of us to fail to give Him credit for it. Hopefully as we reflect on how He moves, we can communicate about it properly.

The reason I put it that way is that it frequently takes us a while to understand what He has done. We envision this blog as a vehicle for more detailed praise than can be effectively communicated in the prayer letter, and a channel of blessing to His people who read it with a prayerful spirit.

How are we feeling? We feel a little like we showed up for a sprint and were entered in a marathon. We're looking at a big mountain for God to move. Ministry Partner Development ("MPD" as fundraising is often called in Crusade lingo) is described in their own training materials as "horseshoes at a thousand yards." Are we always confident and assured that He's going to accomplish this goal? I'm ashamed to say, "no."

But along with my own shortcomings, I need to communicate something about how the Lord has worked. Just when one of us is feeling downcast, the other often supplies the necessary encouragement. Or sometimes, one of you will call, like Garry McGhee did on the day our adversary wanted to drag us down by negativity at my work--which was the same day the Lord led us to one of our unexpected supporters, La Habra Hills Presbyterian Church, at just the right time to be considered for their missions support budget.

Another time, Lynn Kirkland, a local South Carolina evangelist, just called in the middle of the day, saying the Lord had told him to call us and pray for us. Other times, unexpected open doors lift our spirits. Always, meeting God's choicest servants encourage us. I know you will deny that comment--but what else do you call the individuals who are interested in hearing about new opportunities to be involved where God is at work? We hope that we are able to encourage them as much as they encourage us.

To God be all glory
Mike Skinner


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