Thursday, June 30, 2005

Campus Crusade for Christ: "The Best?"

I would like to think I wouldn't be here if I weren't convinced CCCI was the best ministry out there, but we can talk all day about what best means. So all I can do is to point to some of the unique accomplishments of Campus Crusade for Christ:

  1. The Four Spiritual Laws tract. Created by the founder, Bill Bright, in 1956, this simple presentation of the Gospel is the most widely-distributed "religious booklet" in history. It's in 200 languages and about 2.5 billion tracts have been given out in the last 49 years.

  2. The JESUS Film: created in 1979, this remains the most accurate film depiction of the entire life of Christ ever created, almost word-for-word the Gospel of Luke. It's been translated into over 850 languges and seen by billions worldwide, the most-translated, most-watched film in history. It has been responsible for over 128 million known decisions for Christ.

  3. Campus Crusade for Christ is the world's largest missionary organization, with over 26,000 full-time staffmembers, hundreds of thousands of volunteers in nearly every country on earth. Each staffmember has the privilege and responsibility of raising all of their own support.

  4. Campus Crusade for Christ is the original member of the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability, extremely scrupulous about financial integrity from its inception. Crusade has been named the "most efficient religious organization by Money Magazine.

I was recently asked what sets Crusade apart. Apart from the simple fact of God's tremendous blessing, what strikes me is creativity and deliberateness. Why should we as Christians apply less diligence and creativity to the acheivement of the Great Commission than Coca-Cola does in their marketing of a soft drink? We have a huge assignment; we must use every resource possible in the acheivement. The value placed upon thoughtful, industrious and individualistic methods in the Biblical communication of the Good News of salvation by grace alone through faith alone in Christ alone is apparent in the organization.


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