Monday, June 27, 2005


We're only discovering the limits of Luke's potential diet. Everything has wheat, or "gluten," or corn, corn syrup or corn starch in it. What doesn't have these items usually has soy in it. This is going to be a real challenge. The nutritionist wasn't much help. "He can have all of the water he wants." We're not sure that was a joke.

We've had blood taken for a second round of tests and we're hoping RICE isn't something he's allergic to. We're buying books, reading websites, and experimenting with lots of powdery, papery-tasting foods for starches, fresh fruits and what few vegetables we can get him to eat.

In the meantime, his pediatrician diagnosed him with strep-throat and all of us are fighting it off. He's doing well with his anti-biotic, but Cindy's coming down with it and not feeling well at all.

I can tell I'm fighting it off, feeling run-down and a scratchiness in my throat, espeically in the mornings. I sang and spoke at a morning service at Kedron Baptist Church in Aiken, and was slightly hoarse afterwards.

Please pray for Cindy: it's very discouraging to her to think about how unappetizing Luke's diet just became, as well as how expensive and challenging it will be to chef-up nourishing meals for him.

One good side, as we go through his twice-daily routine of steroidal topical ointments and head-to-toe Vaseline cover on top, his skin is looking much healthier--this is probably at least partially due to the anti-biotic, which usualy improves his condition for a while, but hopefully it's also because he's not getting so many foods he's allergic to!


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