Monday, June 20, 2005

Fathers' Day

This weekend, we spent time with Cindy's Dad, Dick Eckburg, with his wife Judy, in North Carolina. The four of us joined Cindy's brother's family, (John, April, Tessa and Tyler), as well as Cindy's Mom, Donna, for a visit to Lincolnton.

We fished, (caught nothing!) grilled, played outdoor games and visited Pisgah National Forest near Brevard, NC. It was beautiful and relaxing, despite the thunderstorms. We waded a mountain river below a waterfall. Well, Emily and I did, anyway, with John, Tessa and Tyler. Aside from the hours of driving, it was therapeutic rest for us to spend a couple of days unwound from our calling and meeting schedule. It was appropriate for we three fathers to enjoy just being fathers for a change.

That's been a somewhat ironic part of what I've been doing for the past six months, actually. I was a bit spoiled by one of our greatest blessings in Southern California--living eight minutes from work made it easy for me to come home every day for lunch. We figured the kids had gotten so used to seeing daddy at home for 3 meals a day, it would really upset them when that changed. Now, of course, even though I'm just as busy, I'm home even more, so the kids even give me dramatic hellos and goodbyes when I leave the house for two hours for a meeting. Even though I'm on the telephone a lot when I'm home, I'm still there, so it's different from going in to the office every day. That's been a real blessing about what I'm doing with MPD right now.


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