Sunday, July 03, 2005

MORE Allergies

I just got a few minutes to sit down and type again and share about the latest news with Luke's allergies. As I reported last time, we knew in California that he was allergic to Peanuts and Eggs, the previous blood test from the allergist indicated allergies to wheat, corn, soy, milk and shrimp. It didn't take us long to discover that wheat, particularly, is in practically everything. So we were experimenting with (costly) organic foods containing rice as a substitute. Rice cereals, rice breads rice cakes, rice milk and rice ice-cream.

We now have preliminary results from a second round of testing, revealing that he is even more allergic to rice than to wheat. Wow. Some items in this test will take a little longer, but we already know he's allergic to rice, beef and pork. Until the allergist returns from his vacation, we've just reverted to dairy and wheat since rice is evern worse and we have to nourish the little guy somehow. Please pray for him: he would prefer to live on pancakes, chocolate milk and a few chicken nuggets. There aren't that many foods he enjoys, besides sweets (like we all enjoy); and the tendency of sweet manufacterers to rely on the inexpensive corn syrup pretty much cuts out all prepackaged sweets for him. Obviously a radical change of diet is required, but it's one thing to introduce better discipline into our eating habits and quite another to pretty much remove all enjoyable foods from an already-picky four-year-old.

I've always been a very picky eater myself and can remember literally not being able to swallow foods like okra, broccoli and squash when I was his age. I was able to swallow medicines and pills from a very early age, so it wasn't just a gag-reflex issue. One of those reality shows where they have to eat disgusting things brings it all back to me. I really sympathize with him, and with Cindy, who is furiously studying up on how to prepare dishes for him. We bought a hand-crank mill back during the Y2K thing that we will finally be able to use if we can find a grain (oats, buckwheat, barley, maybe millet?) to which he's not allergic.

As an added bonus, the expenses of organic foods, blenders, doctor visits, medicines and ointments are mounting up. We're praying we can find the most inexpensive and effective set of solutions rapidly. Our staff conference in Ft. Collins, CO will bring us close enough to one of the nation's recognized authorities in allergies and respiratory disorders, (National Jewish Hospital in Denver, the #1 Respiratory hospital in the U.S.), that we should probably try to schedule a consultation with a nutritionist.


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