Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Hays, KS

This morning, we're leaving from Hays, Kansas. We made it in really late last night, so we're later getting off. Lord willing, this will be the last day of our cross-country expedition. Yesterday, midway through Missouri, we visited what must be the world's largest Western store--the kids loved it. They had stuffed animals of every variety on a ledge near the high ceiling-Giraffe, Wolves, Deer, Lion, Cape Buffalo, Bear, Wildebeest, Sable: just about anything you could name. How exciting!

Luke and Emily each got a cowboy belt, which they like to wear outside their shirts. We should arrive in Longmont, CO this afternoon and are looking forward to the long drive being over.

Our excitement for yesterday morning was discovering the oil-filler cap had been left off when we had our oil changed. We'd already driven about 800 miles that way. We went to the Ford dealership to get a cap, but when we came out to check, we found the cap under the hood! Praise God we didn't lose any oil!


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