Monday, July 18, 2005


We are in Chattanooga this morning, at a hotel with wireless internet. Lotsa things have happened since our last communication. Luke's allergies were confirmed at the Allergist's office--but they were categorized. Since he doesn't go into anaphylactic shock with them (he only gets hives, which aggravate his eczema but aren't life-threatening) we were encouraged to feed him some of the things to which he showed mild reactions.

We are beginning the 2nd leg of our journey to Ft. Collins, CO and will need to find a pharmacy at our next stop, St. Louis, to get some oral antibiotic for Luke on the way. His doctor in GA mistakenly filled a prescription for Elidel cream, one we don't use much anymore. We're still praying for a (Divine) appointment at National Jewish Hospital in Denver. It has an 8-week waiting list, but maybe there'll be a cancellation while we're there.

We are at 61% in our support-raising. The Lord has been doing some marvelous things. Last week I was able to keep 13 appointments. Some dear supporters called last night and more than doubled their support, saying the Lord has been keeping us on their minds. I can't begin to communicate how encouraging and motivating that was! This is what we are asking to see--God Himself, not our diligence (which we will continue with!), not our methods, not our persuasiveness--getting the job done. We will give Him all the glory!


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