Thursday, July 21, 2005

Longmont, CO

Today we're in Longmont, Colorado, less than an hour away from Ft. Collins, where our National Staff Conference will be taking place the rest of this week.

We will be staying the rest of the week with Mike & Joyce Willis here in Longmont. Cindy's looking forward to getting caught up with her good friend Joyce, who left California last November.

It's been over 100 degrees through most of Kansas and Colorado. So much for it being much cooler here! Of course, I spent 45 minutes or so yesterday outside in that heat making the kids run around and act crazy while Cindy visited a health-food store to get stuff for Luke. None of us were really sweating, although the kids were a little red-faced. 15 minutes of packing in Aiken the Sunday afternoon we left (after a church presentation) had me dripping wet; and the temperature readout on the truck read 89 dregrees. Humidity makes a big difference!

We don't know what to expect for the conference; all the CSU veterans love the experience, so we're hoping it will be spiritually refreshing.


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