Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Skinner Family April 2012 Prayer Letter

I can’t say it better than our ministry’s founder, Walt Wilson, did in a message to our staff team:

“’He is risen!’

[These are] Perhaps the most startling three words ever uttered ... When Jesus walked out of the tomb death was defeated -- forever!”

I don’t want to add the Resurrection into a mix of news updates—it’s the one thing that everything we do is about, because it changes everything.

Mike was able to participate in the worship team for a wonderful Good Friday service for staff at the Bill Bright Training Center near Campus Crusade’s HQ. Ellis Goldstein hosted a Passover Seder for a packed house across the street from our offices. Mike also sings with the worship team at our church in Kissimmee, which had record attendance for our 6th anniversary service on Easter Sunday. And on April 24, Mike will get to sing with the Worldwide Day of Prayer worship team again. It’s wonderful to have such good news to celebrate! Just think how many still aren’t aware that God, in Christ, destroyed the power of death itself through death. (Hebrews 2:14)

An atheist like JH from Kentucky, for instance, has nothing to sing about. He’s not unaware of the gospel, but the event that makes all the difference in our lives is meaningless to him. Aging and alone, he’s finding that the things that used to bring him enjoyment are fading. JH has been writing to various Online Missionaries in GMO’s Response Center since visiting our Jesus2020.com site in late 2010. His repeated questions about God’s love and power over the issue of natural disasters brought him finally to my in-box. In a recent e-mail, he wrote me: “I ignore you quoting the Bible because the Bible proves itself fiction, not worthy of quoting, but you and Christianity continue to insist otherwise.”

Ironically, SI, writing from a somewhat closer perspective on natural disasters, wrote me this around Good Friday: “He give His love to me until given all His glory die on the cross because pay my sins... This friday we remember that, give thanks to God for His love and sacrifice... I'm a singer for God from the little children... I'm sigle parent, living for Christ. I pray for my city, nation and Indonesian goverment!. Pray for nations .”

I don’t want to speed past the difference between these two people and their messages. It’s so easy even for Christians to get caught up in the distractions and enjoyments of this life, which will eventually fade away, just like they are for JH. A busy life is a blessing, because it hints of vital relationships and significant activities—but the challenge I hear in SI’s message is to not lose sight of the eternal aspect of relationships and the truly significant. This single mom in Indonesia knows she has plenty to sing about! I think, she has need of prayer - and she’s praying for us!

One of the songs I’ve been practicing each day for our Worldwide Day of Prayer is called “You Said”—a plea for the nations, after the pattern of Psalm 2:8. It’s fitting for this day when we hear from CCCI ministries all over the world, pray for open doors and boldness to walk through them. Regardless of our viewpoints, our hobbies and interests, if the consequence of Christ’s Resurrection isn’t to make us care about what He cares about, skeptics have reason to ask if it really made a difference to us, don’t they? (1 Corinthians 1:18, 2 Corinthians 2:15-16, 5:15-20)

We also are tested by distraction and disappointment. We humbly ask for your continued prayers, that we remain faithful and pray by His power to bring hope to the nations by bringing them to His feet. Thank you for your faithfulness in loving us, praying for us and supporting us! We know there are many other great things to do with your time and resources; but your answer to this call makes it possible for the nations to know the truth of death’s defeat and Christ’s victory over the grave!

Love, in Christ,

Mike & Cindy


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