Tuesday, March 13, 2012

120313 - Exodus 35 - Overshadowed in the tent of the Father

Tuesday SOAP: The generous hearts of the Israelites is revealed to be a move of God's Spirit. How else could this nation of people who were ready to stone Moses a few chapters ago, who longed for their former slavery (even while God was guiding them daily with fire and cloud, feeding them, providing water for them, and directing them in every way) be moved to give when not required to? We need a fresh move of this kind today. May God liberate His people from the slavery and distraction we've settled for!

S: The freewill offering:

Take from among you a contribution to the LORD. Whoever is of a generous heart, let him bring the LORD's contribution: gold, silver, and bronze; (Exodus 35:5)

"Let every skillful craftsman among you come and make all that the LORD has commanded: (Exodus 35:10)

O: The freewill offering was an opportunity for everyone who felt generous, whom the Spirit moved, (Exodus 35:21), but the work of craftsmanship was for "every skillful craftsman." Moreover, Bezeleel and Aholiab, master craftsmen, are said to have been filled with God's Spirit to have skill, intelligence, knowledge and craftsmanship, and inspired to teach.

A: Bezaleel's name means "Overshadowed by God," Aholiab's means "in the father's tent." For this naturally stiffnecked, (Ex. 32:9; 33:3, 5; 34:9), sinful and rebellious people to respond in this way clearly indicated a move of God's Spirit. A sovereign overshadowing of God in the matter of the Father's tent.

P: Lord, how much clearer could it be that we await a move of Your Spirit for revival among your people. Will you not revive us again, that your people may rejoice in you?


Blogger Jimgr said...

Hi Mike, For certain Jude has prophesied the moving of the spirit. I believe that each one of us has been prepared by the presence of the Holy Spirit to begin a revival. The power of God is within us. God is calling and waiting for His church not only to have an ear to hear but the perfect love which is able to say "I will go, send me" Jim Roberts

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