Thursday, April 23, 2009


My kids love lizards. Living in Florida as we do, we get to see a lot of them. The ones we see around our house all have a fascinating trick. They change their body color against whatever background they crawl on. They do it to blend in with their surroundings so that they are safer from the attacks of predators. It also makes them more effective predators because it enables them to ambush insects who can't detect them as easily.

After rolling down my garage door last week, I made a sad discovery. One little fellow's camouflage had been all-too-good! I didn't see him as I closed the door and he had been trapped and crushed in the seam.

Under certain circumstances it's better to stand out than trust your camouflage.

We can either embrace conformation to the image of Christ, or be squeezed into the pattern of the world.

Sometimes it's better to stand out than trust your camouflage. In Numbers 22-24, a strange prophet named Balaam tried to "sit on the fence" and please God's enemies. In Numbers 31, he ended up being killed by the Israelites in a battle with the enemy. His ability to blend in was too good.

How about you--do you blend in with the world, or stand out as a Christian? Are you known as a follower of Christ only at church, or among those who share your hobbies and career?

Join me at today at 2:00PM U.S. Eastern time to talk about how it's going in your relationship with God and others.

Sincerely in Christ


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oh, I like you analogy!!! Very cool!!!

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