Monday, July 31, 2006

New opportunities and challenges

Our church hosted Vacation Bible School the week before last, as I'm sure many of our friends' churches did. Cindy volunteered to head up the "craft time" and, perhaps in the process of her preparation, (including applying iron-on transfers to 100 t-shirts), has developed some back and arm pain. Cindy has a back condition called "Scheuermann's Disease," so she's very susceptible to back injuries. We ask that you pray God will relieve her pain.

Luke enjoyed himself at Vacation Bible School--a little too much! He tripped while running in the gymnasium, and fell, hitting his head above his right eye. The injury required four stitches, which he endured with silent courage. What a brave little man!

Emily invites all her neighborhood friends to church. She was a disappointed that her friend Alex couldn't go to VBS with us, but her grandmother allowed her to go with us to last Sunday evening's service. She was pretty excited--it was her first time to go to church! She says her grandmother sometimes lets her watch it on TV for a while but she had never been to one before. We bought her her first Bible to encourage her. Please pray we'll be able to bring Alex to church again and see her receive Christ.


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