Saturday, June 03, 2006


Some of you may be aware of our latest prayer request: Emily's vision. She was diagnosed last month by an optometrist with "Latent Hyperopia," which is, basically farsightedness. The problem is, she has likely had this condition for some time...and during the early years of development, if vision doesn't work too well, the brain tends to shut down input from the bad eye. That's what's happening in Emily's case. The optometrist recommended something called "vision therapy" which is a program of treatment based on, we have discovered in subsequent research, questionable science.

This week, we got an appointment with a pediatric ophthalmologist in Orlando who prescribed glasses for her and has informed her that, although she's 20/20 in her right eye, 20/30 in glasses will be the best she can hope for. In his opinion, having just turned 7 last month, she's beyond the point at which patching the good eye and forcing the brain to interpret vision from the bad eye will have any effect. (See amblyopia)

Needless to say, we will be seeking a second opinion. It may be that this doctor is correct in his assessment, but in our judgment he was at least unprofessional in the delivery of it, and we are praying there is hope her vision will improve. Please join us in prayer that this will be the case.

This comes on the heels of discovering her undetected asthma in March after repeated doctor visits for a nagging cough. So, yes, both kids have asthma, not just Luke. We plan to visit an ophthalmologist in Aiken who is a good friend of a ministry partner there, and, in fact, led our friend to Christ. Please pray for God's healing and for His continued provision in the face of all of the additional medical expenses.


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