Saturday, March 18, 2006

What I'm working on...

We've had time to get a good start here in Florida. All the normal things, like getting the cars registered, getting drivers' licenses, finding all the services, (fun things like that), have been done weeks ago. We switched mobile telephone providers, but kept the same numbers. So glad you can do that now.

I've been getting settled back into programming after having been away for more than a year. It was a little frightening at first, how rusty I felt--but it's pretty much all come back to me now.

I'm working on a big project--the "Who Is He?" mini-cd. It has 39 language versions of a very complete presentation about who Jesus is, what the Bible predicted about Him, detailed material from Josh McDowall's "Tough Questions, Honest Answers," "A Ready Defense," and Bill Bright's "Jesus and the Intellectual." It also has our "Growing In Christ" automated discipleship site locally on the CD-ROM.

My job is to integrate the user interface and reconstruct the various language forms so that even if the CD-ROM is offline, form data from respondants is stored to be sent later. We believe we lose a lot of responses because the individuals aren't connected to the Internet when the CD-ROM is being used.

Another goal for this project is to provide a way for partners to "re-brand" the design of the CD so that the startup screens can look like (for instance) a church's website imagery, yet still have the same content as the standard CD.

In the meantime, I'm experimenting with gospel presentations in media, like streaming audio and video. You can find a few examples on our website, The Field is the World. Just follow the link that says, "If it's your first visit, please take a look at this message."


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