Saturday, September 03, 2005

What Hurricanes can REALLY do

Well, obviously, looking at the situation in New Orleans the last few days, we got off light last year. We knew we did, even then, because we saw damage all around us but experienced none ourselves. Sometimes a crisis, like 9/11, brings out the best in people. As we're seeing in New Orleans, it can also bring out the worst.

Jesus taught us how to use pointed examples of our mortality like this as opportunities to share the Gospel. In Luke 13, the Pharisees confronted Jesus about the destruction of the Tower of Siloam, which fell on 18 people in their day, as well as the Galilaeans whose blood Pilate had mingled with the sacrifices. He said, it wasn't that they were worse sinners than everyone else that this had happened to them, but that unless we repent, we will all likewise perish. No one knows the hour of their death, no one expects death when it comes. We expect each moment to be like the last, and we have no real reason to think that way. Life is full of unexpectedness, and young people die tragically all the time. The Bible says threescore and ten (Ps. 90:10), and 75 year-olds do not really expect death. It's just human nature.

We all think we're so invulnerable most of the time, let's use the opportunity to talk about mortality and pray that those who are helping the hurricane victims in MS, AL and LA are able to do the same.


Blogger flabytehead said...

Hi Mike!
Enjoyed your blog...we experienced one of those teachable moments in our Friday nite Chinese Bible study. One of our students' classmates from Turkey died unexpectedly a few days ago after taking some medicine for a sore throat! We were able to use that experience to remind our students how fleeting our lives really are. They are both still seeking, but I know this trauma has accelerated their thinking about spiritual matters. PTL!

How did the church meeting go today? Expecting to see you guys very soon!!!


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