Wednesday, August 03, 2005

500 Miles

Last night we stayed in Mt. Vernon, IL, exactly 500 miles from Salina, KS where we spent the previous night. Today we drove from Mt. Vernon to Calhoun, GA, to make tomorrow's trip a light one of only 236 miles.

We were able to purchase the entire CSU conference audio package on MP3 the last evening of the conference. (now that's quick!) So we were able to listen to some of the sessions Cindy missed due to stomach flu.

Listening to the conference audio, we heard again the amazing news that as of the conference time, every five seconds someone reads a gospel presentation from one of Campus Crusade's websites! It's exciting to be a part of such a revolution. Our group, WorldLINC, is a part of a larger division called Global Media Outreach, which includes "God Loves the World", EveryStudent.Com, Starting With God, and "The Life", among others.

Dr. Douglass told the story of a young Canadian lady who was so excited by the individualized contact with an evangelistic worker, answering her questions about faith online, that she actually considered it God's way of saving her life, since she was about to commit suicide. What an amazing tool the Lord has provided for us to reach even isolated individuals in these last days!


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